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GIDE3 Exercise Shows DOD’s Integrated Deterrence

The experiment that took place from July 8 to 15 focused on peer adversaries and centered on contested logistics. The experiment focused on lines of communication like Panama Canal.

Global Information Dominance 3 exercise enabled the DOD to collaborate with all the 11 combatant commands. It also allowed to access pertinent data and information. Technologies such as AI, ML, and sensors were used to access the data.The exercise tested DOD’s defense awareness, integrated deterrence, intelligence gathering capability, and decision-making potential.

GIDE3 also tested how DOD uses data and information to make informed decision for leaders at tactical and strategic level. The goal of the exercise was to create global integration, enhancing the capability, and shifting the DOD from regional focused plans and strategies to globally focused strategies. GIDE3 also focused on the changing the current ways of force management, force design methods, budget, acquisition processes. The experiment has enabled the DOD to take faster decisions and provide more enhanced deterrence options by integrating modern technologies.

DOD said, the threats the US is facing in the geostrategic environment is evolving rapidly and advancing at an alarming rate. Thus, the DOD needs new and renewed strategies to fight the increasing competition. The DOD stated that currently it is facing fierce competition from two peer competitors both nuclear armed.The DOD officials stressed upon the need of transforming the culture, boosting homeland defense, strategic planning, force management, informed decision making, and appropriate budget allocation.

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