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Gilead Extends their Support to India to Overcome the Covid-19 pandemic

India is in the midst of the world’s largest breakdown of the Covid-19 pandemic. For weeks, the inhabitants have suffered an immense shortage to meet the local demand for life-saving drugs and vaccines. Drugmakers, which previously have been assisted by India during the initial wave are resorting to their efforts to help their allies.

Gilead Sciences on Monday said it would help local manufacturers in India to boost their production of Covid-19 antiviral drug Remedivsir, marketed as Veklury. The drug is authorized in India for proper utilization across the vast population of adults and children. Several companies in are at the peril of becoming non-existent in their efforts to cope with the supply, and Gilead is extending its support to overcome the dripping shortage.

Gilead plans to donate at least 450,000 vials of Remdevisir to help ease the immediate need for treatment. Supplies of Remdevisir in have been exhausted due to the continuous and proficient black marketing and hoarding of life-saving drugs by companies and netizens. Another company has stepped up its viable efforts in support of India. When US President Joe Biden announced that it is going to repeal the ban then the drug Manufacturing companies came into action.

Merck followed suit yesterday and said that it had entered into a non-exclusive voluntary licensing agreement with five generic manufacturing companies in India for its oral Covid-19 antiviral therapeutic candidate molnupiravir.  The company will also donate more than $5 million worth of oxygen production equipment citing the concerns over the ailing shortage of oxygen supply in Indian states. The move comes weeks into India fight against one of the deadliest epidemics of all times that has pushed the hospitals in India on the verge of collapse and downfall.

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