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Google is Sued For Tracking Users In Private Browsing Mode

Google has failed to dismiss the lawsuit alleging it collects the user’s data even those who browse in Private Browsing Mode. The lawsuit was filed in June stating that Google violates the privacy laws by tracing the users who use Incognito windows.

The lawsuit in question is a class action brought forward by three Google users Chasom Brown, Maria Nguyen, and William Byatt who used Private Browsing Mode in Chrome and in Safari. It claims that Google tracks and collects consumer browsing history and other web activity data no matter what safety measures users implement.Let’s consider Chasom Brown v. Google. He used the Private Browsing Mode as a safeguard tool to stop Google from tracking. This is a feature offered by many browsers. On Google’s Chrome browser this is known as Incognito mode.

The complaint stated that Google still tracks users using Google Analytics, Google Ad Manager, the Google app on mobile devices, and the Google sign-in button for websites. Google Analytics and Ad Manager are common traffic and ad tools for websites that provide information about their visitors. They collect information like demographic data and how many times users visit the page. Using these Data the company manages its advertisement campaigns. Nearly 70% of websites use Google Analytics.

The public is not aware of what Google collects and what it doesn’t. The lawsuit will make the company explicitly give out the details. The complaint also serves as a criticism of companies that bury important information in their terms of service. The lawsuit seeks at least $5 billion from Google and its parent company, Alphabet.José Castañeda, a Google spokesperson said that the company clearly states to the users that websites might be able to collect information about your browsing activity during your every session.

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