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Honeywell Introduces New Tech Enhancing Light Drone Range

Honeywell is America’s multinational conglomerate overseeing four domains including aerospace, building tech, safety, and productivity solutions, and performance materials. The charlotte-based provider is now working on a new technology suite. It will primarily target solutions to increase the range of light drones threefold with minimum human intervention.

Typically, traditional drones can be seen using batteries, and line-of-sight radio links. the novelty of Honeywell BVLOS technologies is their advanced capabilities. Drones that will be integrated with BVLOS will be able to fly much larger distances. These drones will possess heavy carriage capacities allowing increasing the weight limit that can be transported. Besides, the drones will be able to eliminate any risks or hazards up to 3km away, and allow streaming videos of their progress.

Honeywell new BVLOS technology fits perfectly to missions that face challenges with interference of terrain with the radio links. The technology can have varied application starting from last-mile package delivery to military intelligence. It can be effectively used in surveillance, and reconnaissance. Operations such as pipeline or power line inspections, search and rescue missions also can be conducted smoothly with BVLOS systems.

The technologies reckon Honeywell robust expertise in developing, and certifying aerospace components, avionics, engines, helicopters, APUs, and military drones. the company has been developing advanced technologically-enabled systems for decades.The newly introduced BVLOS suite consists of Honeywell 600W, and 1200W hydrogen fuel cells followed by RDR-84K multipurpose radar system. Adding to the suite, Honeywell IMUs are of significance along with its UAV Satcom.

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