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Indoor Drone Camera by Amazon is Ready

At a private event today, Amazon unloaded a whole delivery truck’s worth of merchandise. The following are just a few of the many innovative home items that were announced. Nest of the Lookout! With the Smart Thermostat, is encroaching on Google’s turf (and its previous thermostat partner, Ecobee). Nest thermostats are circular. This device is square, with touch controls on the front and a remote control and usage tracking app (the Alexa app).

Alexa can control the thermostat based on your location using “Thermostat Hunches,” There are also Alexa voice commands. The thermostat was developed in collaboration with Resideo, a Honeywell offshoot, and the device is “built with Honeywell Home Thermostat Technology,” according to Amazon. So there’s a lot of skill here, thanks to Amazon Echo smarts and Honeywell’s thermostat experience.

For an extra $16, you may obtain a bundle with a C-Wire Power Adapter, which you may need if your existing thermostat wire isn’t putting out enough power. That’s a lot less than Nest’s lowest thermostat, which costs $129.99. Amazon is also undercutting its biggest thermostat partner, Ecobee, which sells a $229.99 Ecobee four thermostat that includes an Alexa speaker and microphone. The ambiguously called “Ring Always Home Cam,” wacky interior, flying drone camera, is now available for purchase in the United States.

This was revealed a year ago, but it’s now available for $249.99 “exclusively by invitation.” This is a “Day 1 Edition” of the game (read: a beta product). As a result, won’t sell it to just anyone. On the product page, you can request an invitation to donate Amazon money. The camera stream may be accessed remotely using the Ring app, just like any other Ring camera. You’ll be given a 14401440 video feed to which you can zoom in.

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