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Iridium Launches Arctic Lynx Operation

Operation Arctic Lynx (OAL), a partnership-led field exhibition comprising more than 20 firms and using Iridium® and Iridium Connected technologies above 60° North Latitude and reaching 82° North Latitude, is now launched by Iridium Communications, Inc.

OAL is to bring together an international contingent of organizations including existing Iridium clients like the United States Defense Department and Federal agencies in the United States, the State of Alaska and local administrations, Canadian government organizations, scientific research organizations, and a wide range of aerospace industry organizations, taking place between 11 June and 26 June 2021.

The weather-resilient satellite communication technology Iridium and Iridium Connected is implemented during OAL via a combination of on-base, on-the-go communication (COTM), and on-the-call (ATH) applications, as well as remote environmental applications.”We have been revisiting our portfolio to meet a wider variety of polar communication needs, the Arctic of Iridium and the communication capabilities in the Arctic have long been part of Government and Civil Society operations as well as NGOs operating in these regions,” stated Scott Scheimreif, CEO.

“Operation Arctic Lynx will be able to provide real-time interoperability, communication on the go, control and construct and maintain a single operational picture within harsh arctic regions with over 20 collaborating organizations. We are glad of the participation of so many valued organizations.”As part of the operation, numerous real-time communications streams, data, and video, commencing in Utqiagvik,Alaska, will be exercised in motion and on the go. Utqiagvik is located on the Arctic Ocean in the northern latitude of 71 degrees, about 300 miles north of the Arctic Circle.The strands of these messages are the Canadian Forces Station Alert (CFS Alert), Nunavut, Canada, at around 82 degrees north of latitude.

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