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Joe Biden’s Dubious Defense Budget Proposal Spark Disagreements

The current presidential administration’s Defense budget request has been reviewed to be highly disastrous as it spends heavily on research and development without much investment in the procurement of items with a potential impact on dissolving conflicts with Russia, China, and Iran.

The Defense budget request put forth by president Joe Biden has led to a belief that there is lesser focus and understanding of the value of peace through strength. The investments and funding aid budget reach up to $715 billion, falling short to keep up with the Pentagon’s needs associated with inflation. Biden’s Budget request was immediately slammed by Iran.

The budget request proposed by president Biden is considered to be absolutely inadequate with insufficient support for service members with resources, equipment, and training required. Along with, the budget defies multiple purposes and doesn’t keep up with the inflation instigating unsureness among the service committee members. Global powers and economies like China are spending about $518 billion on its Defense budget and works on increasing the budget by 6.8 percent, quite contrary to the US

The US budget allocates approximately $2oo billion to non-priorities; there is a growing parity among the American and Chinese spending in terms of buying power. Navy Admiral John C. Aquilino has affirmed back in March of China’s defense capabilities to be expanding at an ever-increasing rate, which to keep up with demands higher infrastructure lacking in Biden’s Defense budget request.

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