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John F. Kirby Says Afghanistan Airport Security Will Remain Top Priority After Withdrawal

After authority transition in Afghanistan, among the continuing roles the security of Hamid Karzai International Airport remains the top priority of U.S military. John F. Kirby, the Pentagon Press Secretary notified it in a press conference.

Briefing the security of the airport, Mr. Kirby said, the U.S military has already in place some troops dedicated to security at the airport. Additionally, there are support elements and defensive capabilities installed by the U.S military there.

After the withdrawal which will complete by end of August, the U.S military will continue to secure the airport. The troops there will have required capabilities helpful in the security, he said.After the U.S departure from Afghanistan, the security of the airport will be handed by the Turkish military. Discussions regarding the same are going on between U.S and Turkey and they have been productive, Kirby said.

He said, discussions are still going on what will the security at the airport will look like. America, Turkey, and many other nations have diplomatic presence in Afghanistan. Securing the airport is one of the topmost priorities for successful operations of these countries diplomatic missions. Mr. Kirby, thanked Turkey’s President for their willingness to maintain diplomatic presence in Afghanistan.The authority transition is just a milestone and until the U.S completely withdraws the U.S military missions from or its diplomatic presence, the U.S will continue to safeguard airport, assist the National Defense and Security Forces of Afghan and support the nation to fight terrorism.

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