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Jupiter to be closest to earth in almost 60 years

Planet Jupiter is going to be closest to Earth in the past 60 years. NASA scientists have claimed that people on Earth would be able to see on coming Monday ever since 1963. It is said that this is the closest will get to Earth even though it would be more than 300 million miles away from the planet Earth.

Jupiter will rise in the east when the sun will be setting in the west – letting both and sun in the opposite directions of each other at a certain point of time. Scientists as NASA says that with a reliable pair of binoculars, one can see . Generally, is about 600 million miles away from earth, but once every 13 months they tend to cross paths.

The reason behind this is that both Jupiter and Earth do not orbit the sun on an equal and perfect circular path. This is why their times of crossing each other’s paths is a bit odd. Since, the coincidence of both the planet is always intriguing, this year’s visibility will be quite an astonishing view. Although, can be seen with naked eyes, but scientists at NASA still recommends to use some good pair of binoculars for clearer view.

The US space agency has noted that Jupiter has a total of 79 moons, 53 of which are named, which includes the most famous moons of  called Io, Europa, Callisto, and Ganymede. The Juno spacecraft has been in the orbit of for over six years now and constantly capturing the images of Jupiter and its conditions, atmosphere, and the structures of the planet.

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