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Knik Glacier Facing Difficulties Due to the  Helicopter Wreckage

the helicopter wreckage that crashed last weekend, will have to be hoisted off Knik Glacier by the company. A US Investigator claimed that the helicopter wreckage has cost five lives, and it is further investigating the details of the crash.The Airbus AS350 BB Helicopter crashed near Knik Glacier last Saturday, killing the pilot and four passengers. The fatalities included the demise of the richest person in the Czech Republic. The National Transportation Safety Board is investigating the crash in rugged terrain only.

The downed helicopter is owned and operated by Soloy Helicopters of Wassila. The US investigating authorities said that the Soloys insurance company will be responsible for hoisting off the helicopter wreckage off the mountain. Clint Johnson, chief of the agency’s Alaska division hopes that the helicopter is handed over to the investigators for further details.

According to weather permitting, the helicopter could be off the sheds of the mountain by the end of the week. The repercussions of the hit were massive as it bombarded the deep ridgeline of the Knik Glacier. If the intensity was precautionary handled, then such an obscure event would not have happened.The helicopter appears to have hit the mountain 10-15 feet below a ridgeline at an elevation of about 5,500 feet. Chapman, the lead investigator asserted that the last satellite-based signal broadcast from the helicopter was at 6:34 pm.

The items that still need stringent lookout is why the aircraft wasn’t reported overdue for two hours. Along with that the weather climate, pilot experience, and history, and airworthiness of the helicopter would be furnished by the US authorities. The half-day Heli skiing flight was arranged through the lodge which contracts the Soloy Helicopters for excursions. Packages vary in composition but start at the price of $15,000 per traveler.

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