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Large Spinning Bodies Found in the Universe

According to research findings, the tendrils of galaxies, which are about hundreds and millions of light-years long, are likely to be the largest Spinning objects that have been discovered in the universe.

The Spinning of celestial bodies such as planets and stars in the universe is a natural phenomenon. However, the large clusters of the galaxies are known to be very slowly. Many researchers thought that the is likely to end on a cosmic scale.

But as per the new research done by Libeskind and his team, the gigantic tubes or cosmic filaments that are made up of the galaxies usually appear to be Spinning. Libeskind further mentioned that these structures are so huge that the whole galaxies are just visible as the specs of dust. These filaments are much bigger than the clusters of the universe.

Research suggests that the universe formed around 13 billion years ago, resulting in Big Bang. Recently, researchers suggest that the gases created during the Big Bang arose from the gigantic collapse of colossal sheets.

With the help of the data which is accumulated from the Sloan Digital Sky Survey, the researchers and scientists studied more than 17,000 filaments, evaluating the velocity at which the galaxies are moved up in each tendril. Libeskind further stated that the Spinning effect of these galaxy tendrils is still unknown.

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