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Largest Moon of Solar System, Ganymede, to be captured by Spaceship

As per the trusted resources, Ganymede, a satellite of the planet Jupiter, which is larger and massive than the moon’s of the whole Solar System, is ready to have a closeup taken.No other probe over history was capable enough to view the largest moon of Jupiter since the year 2000.

In 2000, NASA’s spacecraft Galileo swung past through space, capturing the planet’s largest moon. But on June 7, 2021, at around 1.35 pm EDT, the Juno spacecraft of NASA is expected to skim close to 645 miles i.e. 1038 kilometers above the surface of Ganymede.

This is likely to gather data and observations during the travel.Space Scientist and principal investigator Scott Bolton stated that Juno contains several sensitive instruments that are capable of capturing the view of Ganymede in ways that have never been seen before. By traveling so close to the, at NASA will be able to explore the in the 21st century.

Ganymede is the largest among the moon as well as larger than the tiny planet Mercury. It is the only known moon to sport a magnetic field, as a bubble of charged particles forming a magnetosphere in space. To date, there was only a space ship in 1979, known as the NASA’s twin Voyager along with the Galileo spacecraft in 2000, which could get a view of the Ganymede.Ganymede is a fascinating world for the scientists at NASA, and they are thrilled to make the best use of this opportunity by Juno.

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