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Lawmakers Perk up Space Force Plans to Upgrade Launch Infrastructure

The House panel is concerned about the launch infrastructure at the space bases Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral. It has raised questions about DOD’s procurement of commercial space data. The subcommittee of the U.S House Committee on Armed Services will mark up the bill on the 2022 National Defense Authorization Act.

The committee has asked the U.S Space Force for the information and plans on the modernization of the launch ranges, including the Vandenberg and Cape Canaveral. The committee has asked for details on the legislative actions needed to modernize the infrastructures. According to the reports released by the committee, the Lawmakers are concerned about the space launch infrastructure at the major launch ranges based in California and Florida.

The commercial companies and government use these launch ranges.Thus the Lawmakers have asked the Space Force to tell them what is needed to address the required infrastructure as the range has seen a huge growth in the launches. Other space-related issues that the committee has sought details include the reports on how the Space Force will integrate modern technologies like cloud computing for enhancing the space programs and launch systems.

Moreover, the committee has sought details about the commercial vendors that provide global imagery, inefficiencies in the geospatial intelligence and has directed to assess the capability of commercial DOD programs. The committee has raised concerns regarding the GPS and has recommended opting PNT capability. The report says the DOD lacks plans in support of military and intelligence operations. The committee has asked for advanced capability for augmenting multi-orbit, all-weather, and day and night data collection.

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