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Major South American Carriers are Modernizing Their Fleets

LATAM and Avianca have announced Major modifications to their fleets to improve passenger comfort as they fight for supremacy in South America.LATAM Group presented before a U.S. court an agreement with Airbus for the acquisition of 28 additional aircraft, in addition to the 42 narrowbody aircraft already agreed upon, in the future.

Groupe LATAM stated that it has placed a new order for a total of 70 aircraft, making it the largest Latin American fleet with a better range and capacity than its competitors.Due to the integration of A320neo aircraft, fuel economy has increased by 20 percent compared to the A320 aircraft of the past. As a result, carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced, nitrogen oxide emissions will be reduced by 50 percent, and the acoustic footprint will be reduced by 50 percent.

A contemporary fleet and maximum efficiency in environmental concerns, two cornerstones of the group’s sustainability strategy, are among the goals of this agreement.A number of regulatory agencies in the countries in which the firm operates are now reviewing connection agreements with Delta, which aim to consolidate as many destinations in and out of Latin America and the Caribbean as possible.

The Colombian airline claimed in a news release that this initiative would result in the sale of 20 percent more seats per plane and that the efficiency improvement that this represents will be reflected in reduced pricing forever.In addition to modifying the fleet of A320s now in service, new aircraft that will be converted in phases will be added.

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