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Mark A. Milley announced full standup of NATO Command in Norfolk

Mark A. Milley declared operational acceptance of Norfolk. It is NATO Joint Force Command crucial for maintaining peace in the nations.Mark A. Milley spaoke on the third Wasp-class amphibious assault ship of US navy, USS Kearsarge. During the announcement he was accompanied by Andrew L. Lewis Vice Adm. of U.S. Navy. Lewis is also the Norfolk’s and Second Fleet commander U.S.

NATO command is North America’s only Joint Force Command. Its mission is to fight and win the Battle of the Atlantic.He said, many nations and terrorist groups are purposefully trying to break the international order and undermining the international rules.

They are trying to threaten the cooperation and collective security. The U.S defense forces and other NATO allies have to prevent the same. And, if the  fails to do so we are condemning a future generation, he said. The JFC-Norfolk is to prevent the outcomes of World War II, he added.The countries that will work effortlessly on integrating new technologies in the forces and develop leadership will have the advantage of it in the next war.

The general said, is still one the most powerful allies in the world and has advanced military capability in the world. Keeping is the same way is the challenge to us, he said. It is necessary to maintain present capability of NATO and modernize for better tomorrow. If the same is followed the adversaries can be controlled, he said.

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