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Mars Water Maybe Still Trapped on the Planet, Claims the Scientists

Mars Water, which was expected to evade away from the surface of the planet, trapped beneath the atmosphere’s surroundings. Roughly 4 billion years ago, Mars had a totally contrasting complexion than what it appends today. Its atmosphere was thicker and fluid as water flowed along the surface of the planet.

Over the past decades, scientists have perplexed the question, where did all the water go? Did it escape into Space after Mars lost its bearings, or retreat somewhere else? Scientists were looking to find answers to all the proposed questions. According to the latest research at the Caltech and the NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory(JPL), between 30% to 90% percent of Mars Water went underground.

The recent theories contradict the hypothesis that Mars Water lost its bearings to space over the course of eons. The lead authors of the research comprised a well-jotted networking team of scientists including, Eva Scheller, a Ph.D. candidate at the California Institute of Technology, also known as Caltech, and Professor Bethany Elhmann, who is also the associate director for the Kech Institute of Space studies.

The past two decades have overseen an abundance of research theories on the Red Planet as NASA dispatched over a dozen of robotic explorers. The consensus behind the dispatching was to know more about Red Planet’s geology, climate, surface, atmosphere, and evolution.

Evaluating the studies, we found out that around 3 billion years ago, Mars’s surface water disappeared and the landscape evolved into being one of the hottest planets.  The appearance of that time resembles the outlook of today. Until recently, scientists theorized that atmospheric escape was crucial, where water is disassociated chemically and then diverted to space.

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