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Mavic 3 Drone Launched by DJI

DJI announced the Mavic 3 to update its flagship Drone, offering a more automated and seamless flight experience, camera specs, and performance capabilities compared to prior versions such as the Mavic 2. The new model also costs $2,200. The Mavic 3 has a dual-camera Hasselblad system with a bigger picture sensor and can fly for up to 46 minutes on a single charge, compared to its predecessor’s 30 minute flight time. For use, the DJI Fly app is required.

For use, the DJI Fly app is required. The Mavic 3 Standard or Fly More Combo packages include the Drone and various accessories, with the enhanced bundle including three Intelligent Flight Batteries, a Battery Charging Hub, a Convertible Carrying Bag, and an ND Filters Set. Because the Mavic 3 weighs more than 249 grams, it must be registered with the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to fly in the United States. So if you’re going to use the Drone for fun, you’ll have to pass an FAA safety test first.

The Mavic 3 Cine, a version of the new Drone that supports Apple ProRes 422 HQ encoding for enhanced image quality and post-processing functionality, was also introduced by DJI. A 1TB solid-state drive is also included. Because the Mavic 3 Cine weighs 899 grams, you’ll also need to register it with the FAA.

5.1K video at 50 frames per second and 4K video at 120 frames per second are processed by both models of the Mavic 3 Drone. According to the manufacturer, the camera system has to focus features and Hasselblad Natural Colour Solution to help capture vibrant hues. In addition, you can use the second tele camera to zoom in on faraway sights and record from afar in Explore Mode, according to DJI.

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