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Medications will soon be Delivered through Drones

Drones with the purpose of delivering prescription drugs to patients’ homes could soon be seen in the skies over certain cities in the United States. Zipline, a renowned drone maker and operator, is collaborating with two healthcare firms, Magellan Health and Intermountain Healthcare, to use drones to transport prescription drugs and other Medications supplies directly to people’s homes.

According to Zipline, drone deliveries will begin this year in Charlotte, North Carolina, with intentions to expand to Salt Lake City after the Federal Aviation Administration approves them (FAA). Zipline and Walmart are currently delivering over-the-counter health and wellness products throughout North Arkansas, according to Okeoma Moronu, JD, the head of aviation regulatory and legal affairs at Zipline.

The drones, which are powered by batteries, can make deliveries in around 30 minutes on average, as opposed to the hours or days that traditional means take. Customers who use Zipline will be able to acquire their prescriptions in less than 15 minutes. Autonomous aircraft are also far more environmentally friendly than traditional delivery techniques, consuming 96 percent less energy per product and removing unneeded delivery trucks from our roads.

The business began its efforts in Rwanda in 2016, delivering blood and then moving on to Ghana to deliver additional Medications supplies. Zipline collaborated with Novant Health earlier in the epidemic to distribute personal protection equipment to frontline health care workers in North Carolina. Since then, the company has delivered about two million Medications items, including 650,000 COVID-19 vaccinations, in over 250,000 commercial deliveries. Moronu stated that they will continue to operate in these counties, with plans to grow into Nigeria, Côte d’Ivoire, and Japan by 2022.

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