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Mesa Successfully Tests Drone Delivery

Mesa, the commercial airline is about to enter the world of drone delivery. Air Group has inked a deal with Flirtey that will provide four delivery for piloting food drop-offs.  The company will also buy 500 more drones.and Flirtey will target food delivery through drones. The food delivery through drone will be expanded in New Zealand and U.S. Mesa with it deal will become the first airline to enter the drones segment. Detailing about its deal with Flirtey, the Chairman and CEO of Messa Jonathan Ornstein said, the future of last-mile-delivery is through drone delivery.

Flirtey manufactures drones in US. The company will supply drones to the airlines as well as its autonomous software platform. Data collection and analysis will also be done as a part of the partnership. Flirtey has manufactured thousands of fligts to date.

Interestingly, the company in November 2020 became one of the 10 drone companies that sought proposed certification from Federal Aviation Administration for classification UAS. This approval allows the respective firms to bring drones under operation also for package delivery. Flirtey has sought approval from FAA for its F4.5 model. The drone is operated remotely and is an unmanned aircraft.

Mesa under its commercial airline conducts 450 departures on a daily basis across US. Its flights are in operation as American Eagle, DHL express, or United Express. Mesa is the first commercial Airline to provide last mile delivery through drones. It will further expand its services of last mile delivery in Texas and New Zealand.

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