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Method to the Madness of FAA Push For Gender Neutral Language About Drones

The FAA’s insane push towards assigning Gender specific terms to the drones is the next susceptible step of the left’s misguided injustice for power. The agency’s Drone Advisory Committee has been tasked with exploring how the FAA and the aviation industry as a whole can embrace the gender-neutral language. The FAA has shifted away from the traditional terms like the airman or the unmanned aircraft.

Rumors are swirling thick and fast and the news outlets came familiar with a similar mission being launched by NASA in 2006. An FAA spokesman confirmed the news of unethical names and said that the agency is working to identify and replace terms that may discourage those who aspire to work in aviation. The Gender specific terms might hurt the feelings or the sentiments of the vast majority of people.

“It is an instance of what is going on, but there is a reason for it,” Bruce explained. “There is a method to the madness and I saw it unfold when I was on the left and it was shocking to me, but this is the fact of the matter. The person that controls the language always wins.”

The Advisory Committee has warned the FAA to rescind or replace the Gender-specific terms with immediate effect. Bruce further stated that the Democrats in power are launching a war on words because they can’t operate with the truth and the clarity. The US democrats always understand one thing, if they can control the language, they can control the definition. It is not inevitably true as it starts deteriorating the integrity of the firm or the aspirants who are willing to collaborate with the aviation industry.

Along the pathway of the last twelve years, one thing has been ascertained. The Less you can speak the truth the less clear the language is, which makes the definition more meaningless and it has no power of authenticity left in it.

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