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Mexico Trade Deal Talks Stalling Momentum; Ford Writes to EU

Ford Europe Chief Stuart Rowley has documented a public letter to a number of EU statements expressing concerns over the recent trade agreements. The trade agreements explore its jurisdiction across Europe and the rest of the world, especially Mexico being the frontier of Ford manufacturing.

Mexico attracts massive interest due to its commitments with Ford Mustang Mach-E, currently inaugurating later this month in Europe.Europe chief claimed that the company wishes to advent a more expansive European trade policy which is barring the restriction of 10 percent tariff stated in the previous agreements. He believes that the states combined can come up with a resolution.

The ratification of agreements with Mercosur and Mexico was the way out of the obstacle recommended by the European Commission and was duly regarded respectfully by Ford Europe Chief. However, actions speak louder than words, and there has been no justice served just yet to the motion.“ I declared last year at the conference that the economic growth in Europe could get fostered if EU would waiver several trade free agreements that are tantalizingly on the verge of getting finalized,” said Rowley. Years of negotiations have passed and yet both the commissions couldn’t find their routes in one direction, and that is prolonging Ford for expanding its sales in the Mustang sector.

The refrainment that often gets in the way of the particular Europe-Mexico trade agreement is political hubris. The current agreement in modern times covers all the precarious avoiding factors like sustainability, newer technologies. Three years of stalling and it remains stuck in no one’s land. It is agitated Ford chief be audacious and spoke out on the deal which has raised havoc with further discussions to follow.

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