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More launch delay for Artemis 1

Another major incident caused more delay in the launch of Artemis 1 moon rocket. A fire has been witnessed near the Kennedy space center that had delayed the launch to the Artemis 1 moon rocket. A few days back, the nasa scientists rolled back the spacecraft into the kennedy space center to prevent it from getting destroyed by the hurricane ian.

The managers of the rocket rolled back the SLS rocket inside the Vehicle Assembly Building at the Kennedy Space Center. Although NASA claims that the SLS rocket can handle storms of upto 85 mph, the weather forecasts are claiming the tornadoes of Hurricane Ian would be much stronger than any other hurricanes in the history.

Since the Artemis 1 moon rocket is going to orbit around Earth’s moon, there are certain launch windows the scientists have to stick to. The dates determined according to these launch windows are 17th to 31st October, 12th to 27th November, and 9th to 23rd December. These are the days when the moon and earth will be in a certain position planned according to this moon mission.

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