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Most of the Americans believe the existence of intelligent aliens

Most of the Americans believe that intelligent aliens are real. Interestingly, many Americans also think that intelligent aliens have visited Earth. The U.S intelligence report recently released that it spotted flying objects. The imminent release has stirred excitement in the Americans. Thus, the belief of the Americans about the aliens is not surprising.

According to a survey conducted on June 25 by Pew Research Center by few days before the release by U.S intelligence report, approximately 65% of Americans believe that intelligent Aliens exist. About 51% of people believe in the UFO sightings. The Pew Research Center is a Washington, D.C based non-partisan think tank.

The Pew Research Center released the results before the World UFO Day. The UFO enthusiasts celebrate the World UFO Day. The World UFO Day is being celebrated in U.S since 1947. In 1947, according to the World UFO Day website, a UFO crash had occurred on a ranch at Roswell in New Mexico.  The website states that from the place where the crash took place, a flying disk was recovered. Later the incident, the object which was termed by the UFO as a mysterious object was identified as an errant weather balloon. However, the incidence has fascinated the Americans about the UFO.

The Pew Research Center for the survey has questioned 10,417 American adults about the extraterrestrial objects and the aliens. The survey found that 76% of the adults between the age group 18 to 29 years believe in intelligent aliens.

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