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NASA and ESA join forces to battle against climate change

The U.S and European space agencies have joined the forces to combat the global climate change problem. The space agencies will ensure that the data from the Earth-observing satellites is used optimally, bring advancements in Science and ultimately used it for the best advantage of humankind.

The ESA and NASA will collaborate with each other for Earth science and climate change informed ESA briefing about its partnership with NASA.The partnership was finalized on Tuesday by signing a statement of intent. The statement of intent was signed by the Bill Nelson NASA Administrator and Josef Aschbacher, ESA’s Director General.

The partnership aims collaborate strategically in their response to climate change. The partnership will further monitor the Earth and environment with their combined efforts R&D, applications, and Earth science observations. NASA and ESA will work together on issues relating to environment specifically on the Copernicus Sentinel-6 program. Through this program, the satellites will monitor and measure the sea level rise, track changes that may in future disrupt the lives of millions of people.

Aschbacher said, space is the best way to measure and monitor the climate changes and joining forces is the key to tackle this global issue.  This why today’s agreement is crucial for us, he added.Nelson said, the global issue, climate change requires immediate actions now. As EAS and NASA are the leaders in space exploration their strategic partnership will probably bring good results in combating climate change.

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