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NASA Eager to Restore a Serious Glitch of Hubble Space Telescope

The iconic observatory, Hubble Space Telescope, faces a severe malfunction of this decade, and NASA is eager to fix it.  The Hubble Space Telescope stopped unexpectedly doing science work on the 13th of June.

Mission engineers initially suspected that the memory module of the system is malfunctioning. However, the Glitch is more severe than that. More than three weeks now, the mission engineers are still working to detect what exactly occurred, which interfered with the standard functionality of the observatory.The observatory witnessed repair expeditions three decades ago in 1990.

In addition, some minor repairing expeditions also took place in 2009. The Glitch is trickier than expected, but the NASA officials are confident that the observatory will be repaired soon. Despite the fact that the observatory can’t work unless the problem is fixed, NASA’s director of astrophysics, Paul Hertz, believes that it can fix the problem because he says NASA deals with different kinds of anomalies.

He noted that fixing the Glitch of spacecraft has always been tricky since the mission engineers cannot touch the systems and have very little data to determine what is happening or what must have caused the problem.  More than a dozen experts are working to find out the problem and continue listing the potential culprits. NASA continues to fix the payload computer problem and switch to backup hardware on Hubble Telescope after a break on the long weekend. The team is trying to work on the backup modules and power regulators of the observatory.

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