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NASA Helicopter Clicks Amazing Photographs of Red Planet

A little Helicopter from its Perseverance rover has clicked Stunning photos of the Martian Landscape. The images will then use the images to navigate through Jezero Crater. Currently on its ninth flight, the Perseverance rover performed its first ever rotary flight on Mars in the beginning of this year. The Ingenuity Helicopter revealed secrets about the surface and underlying geography of Mars. The study will be crucial for its mission.

The rover quadrupled its own record that stood in air for 2min 46sec and also broke the records cruising speed and distance covered. The time minimal that it took to navigate through Séítah and the soft sand there was also phenomenon as kit would be difficult for the rover like Perseverance for navigation.The rover clicked stunning pictures of the rippling sand, crater, and shadows and other image of the terrain.

The color images will give a closer look at the ‘Pilot Pinnacle’. The ‘Pilot Pinnacle’ is a location at the red planet which features outcrops. The Ingenuity team members believe that the location would record some water environments in the old lake called Jezero.

This is the most recent flight and the images that were clicked took as long as three days to process and send it on the Earth. The image revealed some science secrets of the planet. NASA scientists believe that the images will be the key in finding the remains of ancient life on the planet billions of years ago.

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