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NASA invites media for the upcoming launch of Landsat 9 satellite

The joint mission of U.S. Geological Survey and NASA is all set to launch the Landsat 9 satellite on Sept. 16, 2021 from the West Coast. The space agency has welcomed media for the upcoming launch. The launch is aimed at monitoring Earth’s land and the coastal regions which was started with the first launch of the satellite in 1972.

The satellite will be launched on United Launch Alliance Atlas V 401 rocket and managed by Launch Services Program of NASA. As a result of the coronavirus situation and rising dominance of the new variant there will be limited number of media to cover the launch. It is mandatory for the media to follow the safety restrictions and quarantine requirements. International media based in the U.S can apply but the international media that would be travelling will not be able to apply.

NASA is monitoring the evolving covid-19 situation. CDC, local health officials, and the medical officers will communicate with NASA and provide the updates related to the covid-19 situation or the events that may impact the mission planning.

After the satellite is fully commissioned in the orbit, it will replace the Landsat 7 satellite and join Landsat 8. The satellites together will collect images across the planet after every eight days. This satellite will play a crucial role in monitoring the Earth, its land use and help the decision makers to efficiently manage and use the crops, water resources and other crucial natural resources like forests.

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