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NASA Perseverance records mind-blowing rock samples

Perseverance from NASA has almost completed its first goal. The NASA Perseverance rover has collected a large number of rocks as samples, which will shortly be brought back to earth. The rover vehicle has been in the area called Jezero Crater for about 17 months now, draped beneath a rocket crane. Scientists are pretty convinced at what Perseverance has been seeing since its landing on Mars.

Because of extremely harsh climatic conditions on Mars right now, Rover is not anymore looking for proofs of living organisms on the surface. Rather, the robot is seeking for the remains of a biology that could have lived millions of generations ago when Jezero was covered with a lake. A scientist remarked that if Earth would’ve had similar climatic conditions like that of Mars, something say about 3 billion years ago, then the nature would’ve left the proof for the scientists to research now.

NASA along with the Space Agency of Europe, are tyring to get hold of these rock samples collected by the rover. They are wanting to bring these rocks back to Earth by the least 2033. This may involve yet another landing pad, helicopters, and a Martian rocket for successful landing. Perseverance has collected some of the samples of igneous, volcanic rocks. These rock would be the best source to understand the conditions and situation of Jezero when it was all covered by water

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