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NASA’s Curiosity Rover Sketched to Detach off Its Wheels, Claims Reports

Nearly a decade has passed since the scientists have conducted along on Mars, and NASA’s Curiosity Rover team has considered modernizing the robot’s structure in quirky ways. hobbling around on Mars for that long has been catastrophic on Curiosity Rover wheels, and with that, the deterioration of wheels has increased.

Over the coming years, it could be transparently demolished and the Curiosity crew might decide to steer it into a sharp rock concerning the detachment of the wheels from the object. It has become paramount to come up with a new set of wheels as it would recuperate a less chance of further damage that would lead its bearings on Curiosity’s wirings or other components.

Years of progress in the mission will be halted due to negligence despite knowing about the circumstances well in advance. Surely, NASA’s astronauts do not want such a perturbation. Although the breaking of wheels might not dislodge the whole craft, as reported by a study published by IEEE spectrum. It further stated that even the most destructive components of NASA’s Curiosity Wheels can sustain for another decade before they need to be recouped or replaced.  After analyzing the travel run of the rover, NASA’s scientists will decide on whether to change it or sustain the same dilemma for another decade.

“Since other mitigations that the team has put in place are intensifying the lifecycle of wheels predicts another massive endeavour in the future, which would involve keeping regular checks in the system. It is unlikely momentarily that the world’s largest space agency will need to perform the wheel shed maneuver,” Curiosity Team Member Evan Graser told the news outlets.The long-standing missions often prolong the wheels’ life for further years, and the mounting pressure arrives on the researchers on the mission whether to pursue shedding further or not.

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