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NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope Returns to Operations

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope has returned to science operations after almost a month which had halted its work due to functional trouble with its payload computer.The telescope has been monitoring the universe for more than three decades now which had faced a problem in its payload computer on June 13. Since all the science operations were halted and the along with the science data collection.

The technical team of Hubble was investigating into the causes which later identified that the problem lies in the computer hardware named Power Control Unit. The Power Control Unit of the computer ensures steady voltage supply to the computer hardware.On July 15, the technical experts and scientists successfully switched to backup the payload computer. The science data collection and monitoring will now resume, tweeted the NASA’s team on Sunday.

The agency tweeted that all the instruments on the telescope are working and the science data collection will continue for space exploration.NASA’s is confident that the Hubble Telescope and James Webb Space Telescope will continue their operations for more years further and is anticipated to make groundbreaking observations of the universe.

Bill Nelson, NASA’s Administrator Hubble Telescope is giving incredible insight into the cosmos for more than three decades now. He thanked to the members who lend their support and expertise for investigating the causes. Nelson said, Hubble will continue its view of the universe.Started its operations in space in 1990, the Hubble Telescope is studying the universe for more than 31 years. To date, Hubble has taken more than 1.5 million observations. More than 18,000 scientific papers are published by experts by studying the science data.

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