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NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft on The Verge of Return to Earth. Here’s How:

OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft, which was five years away, collecting information regarding the mission, might be on the verge of returning back to the Earth’s surface. The NASA specialized spacecraft was tasked with collecting rocks and dust from a nearby asteroid named Benny. The fact that its journey has been long, its return trip would be exhausting and extended to two and a half years.

The spacecraft, officially named Origins, Spectral Interpretation, Resource Identification, Security, Regolith Explorer, officially fired its engines to begin its Earthward journey on May 10.Bennu, the accosted paranoid by the spacecraft, is a 1600-foot-wide hunk of rock and ice 200 million miles away from the Earth’s surface. The researchers at NASA have been willingly spending their compliance on the mission as they snagged a handful of dust around the settlement to procure further knowledge on further studies about asteroids of the world.

NASA’s OSIRIS-REx Spacecraft snagged the dust after a calamitic encounter with the desolate little world. The concerning point that mounted up the heads of the NASA officials was that they doubted the OSIRIS-REx, as they felt it wouldn’t be able to bring back a full sample due to leaks and fragilities in the collection system.

“After releasing the sample capsule, OSIRIS-REx will have completed its primary mission. It will fire its engines to fly by Earth safely, putting it on a trajectory to circle the sun inside of Venus’ orbit,” says a NASA release indicating some preliminary jinx on the return to home.

The return would have to be handled precariously as the capsule containing pieces of Bennu will divulge from the rest of the spacecraft and enter Earth’s atmosphere. It would then be transferred through a private jet or a parachute to the Utah Test and Training Range in Utah’s West Desert. Scientists are long-awaiting the results of the mission and will be available on the site to retrieve them.

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