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New Head of Security of Skydio is Tackling Drone Cybersecurity

In an initial blog post, the new Skydio Head of Security discusses cybersecurity for drones. Jeff Horne outlines why he believes data security is essential for autonomous systems’ future success. The new Head of Security at Skydio, Jeff Horne, is the primary U.S. drone manufacturer and leader in autonomous flight.

Horne, who started his security career at the age of 18 with Internet Security Systems in Atlanta, has been heavily involved in addressing various cybersecurity issues throughout his career. It includes conducting security vulnerability analysis via patch differentials, making exploits more reliable, and antivirus engine research and malicious code detection.

“Often in these instances I would find myself in the position of leading their security operations in the interim—a position I really enjoyed—and ultimately decided to leave consulting and pursue security leadership,” Horne said. Horne worked as a security consultant for years, assisting giant corporations in dealing with malicious code security breaches. Since then, he’s worked as the head of security for organizations including SpaceX and Optiv.

Horne claimed he knew Skydio had something special after his first meeting with the company: On the horizon is a future in which autonomous technology disrupts sectors. Yet, most organizations working in this space have to move beyond the theoretical to actual, customer-ready technologies. That future is already here at Skydio. Skydio manufactures drones that generate confidence in regulators by combining innovative technology and solid security. In addition, all of the company’s devices are designed, produced, and supported in the United States, and software is developed in-house using core processors from American manufacturers.

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