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Next Mission to Moon to be Launched from New Zealand

The space industry is not taking a moment of peace and is already planning a Mission to Moon. This Mission will not be launched from Virginia’s Wallops Facility. Rocket Lab is an independent aerospace manufacturer based in California. The establishment also offers services enabling small satellite launching Mission. Rocket Lab has changed the launch of the CAPSTONE Mission from Wallops to New Zealand.

The Mission would take off in the last quarter of 2021. CAPSTONE is a boosting move helping NASA’s Artemis Program. This included significant initiatives in space, such as landing the first woman and the person of color on Moon.

The Flight Safety System at Wallops, Virginia, hasn’t received the required certifications. As a result, Rocket lab moved from Complex 2 in Virginia to its owned New Zealand Subsidiary. The Wallops Flight Facility commented that NASA is currently invested in developing and testing its NAFTA. NAFTA stands for NASA Autonomous Flight Termination Unit, which is a game-changing technology associated with the control and command systems. NASA intends to provide these systems for small launch vehicle providers across all the U.S. launch ranges.

Owing to public safety reasons during launch operations, NASA has taken these progressive steps. For this, it is actively combining efforts with the U.S. Air Force along with the U.S. Space Force to ensure high efficiency and performance of the system. In the stride, Federal Aviation Administration will be contributing substantial efforts with NASA’s Independent Verification/Validation Facility.

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