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NorthCom Experiment to Validate New AI-Enabled Software

The United States Military’s Northern Command plans on applying the scheduled experiment for validating new Software capabilities. This recent will combine artificial intelligence with machine learning technology.

Pentagon is seeking for the Software capabilities as the demand for threat detection rises. The agency requires highly efficient technological aid in order to identify any threats against the homeland. the output of 3 Global Information Dominance Experiments conducted in last nine months demonstrates some crucial results. This includes the realization that military has the chance to leverage emerging data analysis Software. As a result, leaders will be allowed with more time to respond to threats, said Glen VanHerck, commander of the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

Latest demonstrative events conducted last month included 11 combatant commands coupled with allies, and partners like Canada. Owing the successful demonstration of these experiments, VanHerck wants to further conduct validation processes. He intends to validate some capabilities of the Software during an exercise scheduled for spring 2022. Agencies are working towards fielding these capabilities as soon as possible.

Combatant commanders have also appealed VanHerck if some the capabilities demonstrated can be fielded right away. the set of data that required obtaining decision dominance is currently available only through the existing sensors. However, owing to the glitches in the traditional analysis systems, the data has fallen through the cracks. This is exactly what the new Software will help overcome. Combining the raw data with the data sourced from agencies will elevate threat detection.

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