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Oil Tanker Off Syria Coast on Fire; The Government Claims A Drone Attack

Syria oil ministry on Saturday reported one of the tragic events over the course of few months. It said that a fire has erupted in a tanker on its coast after it was claimed to be a susceptible drone attack a day later. The official state news agency asserted that the fire in the oil tanker outside the Baniyas refinery has been extinguished.The oil ministry and the government claimed it to be an evasion of privacy, which got disrupted by a drone attack being launched by Lebanese territorial waters. It provided and reverberated no further details from where the tanker was arriving and what was the concept behind the suspicious attack.

Syria’s oil refineries are mostly outside the jurisdiction of the government-controlled areas. Although two of the refineries are operating under the purview of the government, which makes Damascus reliant on Iran for fuel. But U.S. Treasury sanctions have targeted a network that spanned Syria, Iran, and Russia responsible for shipping oil to the Syria government.

There has been a series of confiscating events on the vessels over the recent months, and most of them are alleged to be a form of drone attacks. The shadow war in the Mideast waters first burst into the open in 2019 when the U.S. Navy blamed a series of blasts in June that year in the Gulf of Oman off the coast of the United Arab Emirates on Iran. Syria’s oil ministry has been delineated often by such attacks, but the main thought process behind such events hasn’t been figured out yet.

The world of the unknown of some hidden facts across the US Administration about the collection and storage of oil, and its better for the nations to stay undercover or a series of war could be instigated and intimated if the truth gets revealed.

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