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Palestinian Refers to Visiting Home A Colossal Step; Part of NASA’s Mission

Space Engineer Loay Elbasyouni was part of the NASA’s Team that made history this month by expediting a historical flight helicopter ride from the Martian Surface of Mars. He referred to the trip to his hometown in the Gaza Strip, being one of the remarkable moments of his life. He felt overwhelmed by the welcome he got back in his hometown as through posters people celebrated his achievement.”When we deal with electrons and technology, we can connect with things and know their path,” he told the news agencies In a video interview from his Home in Los Angeles. The drone mission was a success and Loay has an integral role to play in it.

The 42-year old has himself made an astounding pathway from the northern town of Beit Hanoun near the heavily guarded Israeli frontier to the US Space Agency. He left his backyard in 1998 to study in the United States and was a flaunting admirer of space and related studies. He has returned to Israel only once, for a brief visit in 2000 prior to the second Palestinian Intifada. The exploitation of lives was monumental between the fight of Palestinians and Israelis before the violence ebbed in 2005.

The intensity at which the military forces led the attacks was tormenting especially in and around frontier towns like Beit Hanoun. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but two years later Hamas took authoritative procurement and diligence of the ship. Since then the trepidations between Israel and Egypt have been highlighted with both the nations maintaining a blockade that strictly prohibits the movement of people across borders. His achievements were recognized as contentious as he was one of the very few Palestinian who has taken such an astonishing journey.

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