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Pentagon Officially Hands Over Seven Facilities to Kabul

The U.S. officially handed over seven Facilities to the Afghan forces. The U.S. has completed over 95% withdrawal process. The central asserted that the U.S. had entered the final phase of the withdrawal process from the devastated country.

The central command said the decision of U.S. President Joe Biden is followed by the removal of approximately 984 C-17 loads from Afghanistan. Additionally, the U.S. has retrograded around 17,074 pieces of equipment of the Defense Logistics Agency for disposition.These pieces of equipment are the personal property of the government.

Most of the equipment is not defensive material neither considered as major equipment, CENTCOM said.Commander of CENTCOM Gen. Frank McKenzie noted that the U.S. had increased its airstrikes in support of Afghanistan’s military forces for the past several days. The commander said the U.S. military forces are prepared to continue their heightened attacks on the Taliban till the jihadist group stops its attacks.

McKenzie reiterated that the U.S. would continue its attacks in support of Afghan forces against the Taliban. He reassured that U.S. will support the ANDSF forces and provide logistics support over the horizon in Afghanistan. Moreover, he assured that it would provide funding, intelligence sharing, strategic pieces of advice, and assistance through security.U.S. President Joe Biden April announced the withdrawal of its military forces by the end of August. It will put an end to its 20-year long military presence in Kabul.   As the U.S. started its withdrawal, the Taliban has increased its attack on the Afghan government and has taken control over scores of the territories.

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