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Pentagon’s Handling of UFOs has been Put Under the Radar.

The Department of Defense’s Watchdogs is contemplating the idea of examining the Pentagon’s Handling of UFOs. The department has given a different name to the synopsis, which is Unidentified Aerial Phenomena. The investigation was being retracted by various agencies but was finally signed off a few weeks ago.

The department’s inspector general was signed off in a letter on Monday to Pentagon’s leadership and given the waiver by Randolph R. Stone, assistant inspector general for evaluations. “The objective of this evaluation is to determine the extent to which the DoD has taken actions regarding Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP),” Stone wrote in the letter.

The investigation came weeks later after the Pentagon’s confirmed its authoritative stance of visuals from Navy personnel. The reflecting images were illuminating and were observed moving around the clouds. The visuals were captured in 2019.

In hindsight of further investigation of the Pentagon’s handling of UFOs, the Office of the Director of National Intelligence and other agencies are scheduled to deliver unclassified reports on UAPs to Congress. How the encounters were handled in the past is still a mystery to many agencies, and detailed investigations could reverberate if a slight hint pops up in the forthcoming meeting.

Two out of the three videos released by the Pentagon’s about UAPs awe-struck the people at how quickly they can travel at an infrared speed. The staggering aspect in the whole process was about the scientists unable to reflect much information on the part of the Pentagon’s image release. Four months later, the Pentagon’s created a task force to better understand “the nature and origins of UAPs,” the Defense Department said in a statement.

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