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Piasecki helicopter and CF-104 Starfighter Jet for Display in BC Aviation Museum

Many helicopters have been recently added in the BC Aviation Museum along with the new addition of CP-121 Tracker. Now, the museum is working on adding new jets and helicopters North Saanich. The museum librarian Doug Rollins said, the next acquisition that would probably arrive in the museum is called a Piasecki. He said, it would be one of the earliest helicopters to arrive.

He said, U.S forces have used the twin-rotor helicopters nicknamed Flying Bananas in the Vietnam War. Another iconic aircraft that will be arriving in the museum before the Piasecki is CF-104 Starfighter. The aircraft will come from Comox, Canada. Doug Rollins thanked Comox for donating the aircraft to the museum.The librarian said that the CF-104 Starfighter underwent a training role that took place in Alberta preparing the aircraft for service in Europe. He said, “we are extremely excited for this new addition”.

The starfighter was used for decades during the cold war in multiple western air-forces and Canada. The aircraft was used as interceptor and as fighter aircraft that carried bombs and rockets. Interestingly, it was potential of carrying nuclear weapons. However, its safety records have been poor which was unfortunately called as widow-maker by the Germans.

But the fighter jet holds the record of highest and fastest altitude flight. The Canadian plane is available for public view at the CFB Comox but has some bureaucratic issues as U.S. authorities have not yet approved it. Rollins said, meanwhile the restoration of Tracker is underway. He did not clearly state how long the restoration may take place. But he believes that it will be restored within a year.

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