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Potential Relocation Options For Afghan Nationals in ‘Operation Allies Refuge’

The Defense department will provides multiple options for the Afghan nationals as a part of the ‘Operation Allies Refuge’. The U.S military served for 20 years in Afghanistan. With the operations that are about to close by end of August, the U.S government has made plans to relocate the Afghan families and civilians to other locations.

According to John F. Kirby, Pentagon’s Press Secretary, though the “Operation Allies Refuge,” the U.S government will start the Relocation for the eligible Afghan nationals who currently come in the Special Immigrant Visa program.Kirby said that the DoD has not yet asked for the military flights to support the Relocation efforts. The DoD is involved in finding potential Relocation options for the eligible Afghan nationals.

The DoD as a part of the ‘Operation Allies Refuge’ will provide Relocation options and support to the interagency effort that is led by the state department. As of now, we have identified overseas locations and still looking for overseas locations that will be equipped with appropriate temporary residences and proper support infrastructure.

Mr. Kirby stated that they are looking for all options which will include overseas locations and locations within the U.S. All the options that would enable temporary CONUS-based U.S. installations will be looked into. We are trying to provide as many as options to the state led department, said Kirby. As of now, he said, no location is finalized.  The DoD is committed to do all that is possible to support the collective government efforts.

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