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President Joe  Biden Looks Up to NJ MVC Chief as Assistant Defense Secretary

President Joe Biden on Friday nominated Sue Fulton to be the next assistant secretary of b for manpower and reserve affairs. NJ MVC Chief Administration might be on the verge of attaining a promotion. Fulton belongs to the LGBTQ community and will be among the several community appointments in the Biden Administration.

Fulton was part of the foremost West Point class to graduate women. She retired as an Army captain and was introduced by President Barack Obama in 2011 to the Board of Visitors at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. When the pandemic was at its pinnacle, Fulton served as the Chief Administrator trying to find its mojo back after its offices closed down due to the lockdown.

The precise changes in the working of the MVC were seen as straightforward after her appointment. It made the LGBTQ community more inclusive across the commission. The driving force of the community has been some sought of revolution in recognition and dignity in other forces in the United States.  Last year, following the adoption of state law, the MVC began allowing people to change their male or female designation on their license. The MVC agency has been cognitive in the appointment of more transgender people, and last week the agency announced that it will be adding a gender X option for people who did not wish to be identified as male or female.

The Defense Department has also made the values of equal recognition their top-notch priority and it has been stupendous that people are giving more attention towards the community which was wavered and discriminated against in the past.

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