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Raleigh Parks Allowing Flying Drones Above them

Drones are rapidly gaining in popularity. As the weather heats up, you should expect to see more people flying them. It’s also nesting season for animals, especially bald eagles, so there are some restrictions to follow if you’re flying a drone through a Raleigh Parks. Phyllis Gordon is always ecstatic when she sees an eagle. She noticed something unusual in the skies over Shelley Lake Park recently.

She remembered, “When we looked up, there was a drone right over the nest. We all started pointing, and the drone just swooped back around.” Evan Arnold is a North Carolina State University research associate who specialises in drones. He believes it is critical for people to understand where drones are permitted. There are some specified zones where you may fly in Raleigh Parks, he explained.

Drones weighing 400 grammes (approximately 14 ounces) or more, according to the City of Raleigh, must be used in approved sections of specific Raleigh Parks. Baileywick Park, Eastgate Park, Spring Forest Park, Marsh Creek Park, Dorothea Dix Park, and Southgate Park are some of the parks in the area. Drones weighing less than 400 grammes are permitted to take off and land in most city parks, as long as pilots adhere to the city’s laws and regulations, which are detailed on the city’s website.

Drones are not permitted in some city parks. Drones are not permitted in lakes, nature preserves, wetland centres, or cemeteries. Shelley Lake, for example, is home to a couple of eagles who breed every year. Disturbing nesting eagles is illegal, according to the US Fish and Wildlife Service, and can result in fines of hundreds of thousands of dollars or possibly prison time.

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