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Recent Aerospace Trends

Commercial player, Boeing bounced back ever since the pandemic losses back to a higher sale with a robust profit incurred during the second quarter. During this time company’s delivery of aircrafts was on a consistent rise. Sales were reported to have escalated by 44% reaching a mark of $17 billion. This is a significant rise from Boeing’s $11.8 billion sale a year back. The escalation is heavily driven by Commercial Airplanes segment leading exponential delivery rate.

Several airports based in western U.S. are currently addressing a sever challenge arising from jet fuel shortages. There is lack of space for pipelines, and limited tank truck drivers which is incapable of providing sufficient fuel to the airports. Approximately 20% of tankers across the country are unused owing to the deprivation of qualified drivers adversely affecting gas stations.

Avelo Airlines has adopted GE Digital’s technology solution with a view of safety optimization. The company is using advanced flight data monitoring system, and processing solution technology as a part of its Electronic Flight Operation Quality Assurance (eFOQA). GE Digital’s eFOQA applies algorithms to deliver advanced analytics, and data processing.

The National Aeronautic Association (NAA) Recent granted its very first Sustainable Wings award to Gulfstream. The company conducted a round-trip record-setting flight from Savannah, Georgia to San Francisco, California. Gulfstream won the award by setting a record utilizing sustainable aviation fuels (SAF). The aviation industry is now more than ever focused on the sustainability of aircrafts and aircraft necessities including fuels or materials used in building aircrafts.

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