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Red Cat Holdings Completes Acquisition of Teal Drones

Red Cat Holdings, the provider of drone products, technologies, and services to the drone industry, has completed the acquisition of Teal Drones. Teal Drones provides hardware and software-enabled drone platforms to commercial and government UAV. Teal manufactures Golden Eagle, which is only one of the five drones deployed and approved for use by the US Department of Defense.

According to Cat’s dignitary, the acquisition will allow the firm to offer both consumer and enterprise drones embedded with extensive hardware and software technology. Moreover, it gives a strategic advantage to Cat as the military is expanding its capability in deploying drone technology, said the dignitary.

Teal provides drone technology to fortune 500 companies. Its’ highly secure and scalable drone technology makes it more preferable to the enterprise and government sectors. Teal has next-generation capabilities and has partnered with DroneLink, Tomahawk Robotics, and Autonodyne for integrating technologies.

Teal’s focus is to rebuild the American drone industry and boost the global adoption of drones in the commercial and defense industry. And, now the acquisition best represents how Teal will fulfill its mission of improving Red Cat expertise and resources in deploying the best UAV systems globally. The acquisition will boost the UAV capabilities of commercial operators and military warfighters. Teal will enhance Red Cat position in the Enterprise and Consumer Segment. The company, along with Teal will be able to offer a comprehensive and diversified technology to all these segments.

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