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San Diego’s Defense Spending Greater than other Counties

According to a new report released by the Pentagon, San Diego’s County is among the topmost areas in the country in terms of defense spending.Pentagon provides more money to San Diego County unlike other counties in the United States.

Department of Defense establishment dedicated to the Local Defense Community Cooperation recently released a report portraying that the county witnesses more inflow into the local economy. It is way more than the money flown into the economic development of other 37 states.San Diego’s is a landscape with ton of customers, said Brandon Tseng, co-founder of the Shield AI based in San Diego’s.

Brandon Tseng is the former Navy SEAL. He co-founded the company specializing in artificial intelligence and advanced drone technology in 2015. As of today, the company is one of the fastest-growing contractors of the county in the defense sectors. Brandon shared his vision as an entrepreneur and technology enthusiast. He added that he aimed to equip the United States military with autonomous systems and artificial intelligence. San Diego’s proposed the perfect environment to introduce defense technology company with easy access and a robust network of customers.

Shield AI’s expertise lies primarily in software development assisting amplifying the skills of pilots. It allows capabilities of efficient operation in environments without GPS.The drones introduced by Shield AI operate independently with no interference of the troops on ground. San Diego’s displays an intense concentration of U.S. military forces, one of the largest in the country.

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