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Shield AI Raised $210M for Drone Tech Used by Military 

The San Diego-based AI start-up Shield AI announced on Tuesday; the company has raised $210 million through a late-stage venture capital funding round. Shield AI is an artificial intelligence infant that develops advanced technological aid powering military surveillance drones.

The technology start-up strengthened by a 200-employee base now values over $1 billion thanks to the recent investments. Shield AI has therefore emerged as a rare unicorn in the burgeoning defense technology market space. Not stopping at the venture capitalist fundings, the company is moving on to gather an added $75 million in debt.

This will be followed by $15 million in equity in the coming weeks, reaching up to a total raised investment of $300 million.Shield AI was founded five to six years ago in 2015. Since then, the company has indulged in AI-enabled drones, which have been implemented from time to time by the U.S. military. AI has stated that the U.S. military has used its drones in real Middle East conflict zones for the last three years.

The product portfolio of the artificial intelligence company includes a Nova-class UAV platform. The unmanned aerial vehicle platform can efficiently operate in high-threat situations. In addition, the technology is capable of functioning in degraded communication environments.The Nova-class unmanned aerial vehicle platform works effectively by maneuvering autonomously, providing surveillance, intelligence, and reconnaissance. Recent fundings will push Shield AI towards its goal of emerging as the 21st-century defense prime via software developments.

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