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South Korea Based Company Introducing Delivery Drones to Phoenix

Amazon’s failing U.K. drone operations dealt a blow to drone delivery bulls, but lots of smaller businesses are still working to deploy drones to U.S. cities.

South Korean company Pablo Air has expanded into Phoenix, establishing a memorandum of understanding with three local firms to begin testing its current services and innovative ideas in the city. Among the parties to the MOU is NGL Transportation, a full-service logistics firm whose clients include retail giants Walmart and Amazon

CEO Kim Young-Joon of Pablo Air said, “As a Korean drone startup, we aim to demonstrate Pablo Air’s unique technology in the United States for the first time.” Next, we will improve the efficiency of self-driving trucks and autonomous ground robots in logistics by continuing to develop them. “Dropshipping drones” will also be included in the list of logistics challenges to be overcome.

Pablo Air launched its first U.S. subsidiary in June after getting an invitation from the city of Phoenix. Pablo Air is now seeking partners to launch its unmanned delivery service in Phoenix and the surrounding region. As Pablo Air’s first-mile delivery partner, NGL Transportation will work with Pablo Air to develop a drone-based first-mile delivery system.An unmanned delivery station and an inexpensive mailbox are being developed by Deliver-EZ in collaboration with the firm. Drone delivery services will make use of both of these products. Pablo Air’s drone delivery system should be able to achieve its full potential with the aid of the mailbox, in particular.

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