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Space Education Imperative in Encouraging Innovation

Space Education for young children is perceived to be essential in exploring their interests and imparting quality knowledge at such young age. Astronomy is expected to become a crucial subject as a part of the curriculum of young children as the world shifts towards advancements in science, technology, mathematics, and engineering.

Teresa Chardi, professor of astrology and physical sciences at the Canyons University explains the importance of astronomy. She suggests that combining astronomy into Education can begin as early as in kindergarten. According to Teresa, this will allow children to grasp the basic foundation of the subject, and make it easier for them to acquire deeper understanding as they grow older. Children are stimulated when they are exposed to practical learning experience rather than handing them a book. A 10-year-old student, Savannah Garavan was able to observe chabazite with the help of a magnifying glass.

The society is heavily dependent on four basic yet deeper subjects namely science, technology, mathematics, and engineering. Every other subject branch out from one of these. Santa Clarity already an array of STEM programs. For instance, the SCV International Charter School exposes students to participate in project-based learning experience covering subjects such as STEM, and astronomy.

As humans, our basic drive is to explore the extent of DNA capabilities as it is a fundamental unit of our functional body. The end-goal is to optimize lives in the current world along with culture, and humanity. By breaking down walls for children allowing them to study an expanse of subjects, it will help create a better, and aware community.

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