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Space Force and USAFA to Adopt the Naval Academy’s Leatherneck Program

As part of its latest officer recruiting strategy, the Space Force is looking to the Marine Corps and NASA.After graduating from the U.S. Air Force Academy, the Space Force develops a method to assess which individuals are most suited to join the service. A federally sponsored think tank, Aerospace Corp., conducted an online debate on Thursday that featured USAFA liaison Col. Jeffrey Greenwood of the school.

Zeigtun is modeled on the four-week “Leatherneck” curriculum at the United States Naval Academy, which tests prospective marines’ leadership, physical fitness, and military skills. Physical and mental examinations similar to those used by NASA for astronaut candidates will also be used.

According to Greenwood, this course may be offered over the summer between a cadet’s second-year and third-year at USAFA . As of next summer, “we’re going to try to execute it,” he added. “Ideally, cadets who wish to join the Space Force would be able to do so… ‘Ops Space Force’ will take three weeks, while Azimuth will take three weeks.

That will help us fine-tune and choose which individuals to select for the Space Force in the future.”To better comprehend such duties, students can shadow airmen and members of the military aviation sector as part of USAFA current air-focused program. Approximately 70 cadets were taken on field visits to space operations and satellite production sites in Colorado during its initial iteration, which took place this summer. Second lieutenants and guardians of the Space Force will be picked based on the results of the test.

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