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Space Force to Focus on Converting Data into  Workable Knowledge

The US Space Force has decided to spend billions of dollars in the next decade to convert the huge amount of data that is accumulated in several systems in the form of digital enterprise architecture.Col. Jennifer Krolikowski stated that the data is now being stored in the disconnected silos, and it is not an easy task to analyze it or even make sense of it.

She further added that the domain Space is extraordinarily intensive, and it is high time now to make data-driven decisions.The Force will take efforts to carry out the data management strategy, which is known as the “data as a service”.

Data knowledge consolidates several information sources into the cloud platforms so that it can be analyzed using artificial intelligence tools. Data-driven knowledge is expected to deliver to the users at a more incredible speed than the current process, which is carried out manually.The operators of the Force, which monitor and track the objects in the orbits, have to take a look at the separate datasets for the information and then manually arrange it in the Excel sheets.

The data can automate this whole process as a service platform.A contract of USD 32.5 million has been awarded to Space and Missile Systems Center to develop the data as a service platform in the domain. The company will collect the data used by North American Aerospace Defense Command, Space Force, and Air Force.

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